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Atomic Information Systems (AIS) is launching a preview version of AtomicDBOnline (ADBO) powered by AtomicDB - an Associative Database Technology 
Available by invitation only

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If you are interested in trying out AtomicDBOnline, please register and provide us description of your business and your needs, one of our sales representative will reach out to you.
If you are already a member, please provide your feedback and suggestions in the portal.

AtomicDBOnline (ADBO) - An Overview

Data warehousing made EASY!

Phase 1

  • A do-it-yourself software-as-a-service solution will be available to solve data warehousing  problems for small and medium size businesses.
  • This preview release will be offered by invitation only, and is intended to give customers an opportunity to get familiar with the software features and to try out on a smaller data set.

Phase 2

  • Enhanced version of AtomicDBOnline will be available for large enterprises which will be able to handle big-data dealing with petabytes of data.
  • The enterprise grade version will allow multi-data warehouse, database and other data sources integration which will support big-data aggregation and business intelligence.

Powered by AtomicDB

An associated database technology, developed and patented by Atomic Information Systems which supports Nth normal form. 

Single instance storage

Single instance storage means there are no duplicate data in the database across multiple system and solutions.

1000x+ Speed improvement 

Irrrespective of the data volume only 4 data read operation is required to get any data value from the database, which makes the systems 1000x+ faster.

Reduction in storage

Because of the single instance storage, as data grows, the storage need becomes smaller, upto 60%-80% lower depending on the data.

Lower maintenance

Highly simplified database architecture, eliminating 80% of the database administration overheads. 

Lower overall cost

Lower cost of infrastructure, storage, development, deployment reduces overall cost by 80%

Only 7 powerful API

Only 7 powerful API is needed to perform the entire database operations. 

Factorial encryption

Secutiry based on algorithmic multi-level factorial encryption, practically impossible to break.


The only data warehouse solution that can support transaction mode.


Ability to do OLTP and OLAP simultaneously against the single instance database.

All Real-time

Being single instance, all transactions and analytics are performed against the real-time data.


The architecture and user interface is overly simplifed and does not require specialised SQL query skills.

AtomicDBOnline preview features

For now, preview is available by invitation only, please register for details.

Check out the demo

Click the video link on the right to for a brief demo of the features and functionality of AtomicDBOnline

Limited Users

  • Available by invitation only
  • Available to registered users only
  • Can register using corporate email ID only

Limited space quota

  • Limited space per user
  • Maximum data allowed 10 GB
  • Maximum Models - 25

Data Ingestion

Use the data import module to load data from various file based systems. Native direct database connectivity will be available later.

Data Mapping

Map the data elements from the imported files to the AtomicDB data models and concepts.

Data Models/Views

Create Data models and data views from a combination of multiple data source files that were imported.

Data Filtering

No need to write complex SQL queries to view the data, use the XL like user Interface to filter and view the related data.

Report View/Graphs

View the data in real-time using the grid or Graph based interface or export the data into Excel files.

Analytics and BI

AtomicDBOnline will provide advanced Analytics and BI through integration of FioBI embedded analytics.

Data Aggregation and Correlation

Data aggregation and correlation is fundamentally made easy using AtomicDB's native ability to associate related data.

Security and Administration

Use the security module to create security profile and grant access to users and data models and data elements.

Limited Quota

Each user will be limted to 10 GB of data files as the primary focus it to introduce AtomicDB functionalities and features.

Limited Users

Preview version is being offered by invitation only at the moment. Phase 1 will be released to a wider user base.

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